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Ten ideas on how to use financial stock images

Stock photography is extremely adaptable. You can use the images in many ways and places. Here’s ten ideas on how to use financial stock images plus how stock photography can be used to reinforce your brand.

When you discover beautiful visual content, you want to make the most of it. As a business owner your unspoken goal is to create the best visual environment possible for your dream clients.

Professional stock photography is a strategic way to achieve your goal. Shot and edited with the intention that many eyes will see it, financial themed stock images provide more opportunity for you to connect with your intended audience.

Whether you purchase a handful of financial stock images or 100, we want you to make the most of your chosen stock images. And to do this we decided to share ten ideas for using financial stock images plus how they work to reinforce your brand.

Ten ideas on how to use financial stock images:

(We’re going to kick things off with number 10 and countdown to number 1)

10. Flyers, magazines, advertisements and publications – You never know when an opportunity will present itself. For instance, you might be invited to feature in a publication or the need to create a last minute flyer for an upcoming event may arise. You can feel more confident in these moments when you know you have access to beautiful visual content.

9. Merchandise for branding or gifts – Always dreamt of seeing your brand on merchandise? When you purchase a stock image, you can select to also pay for a commercial licence which allows you to use the image on the cover of a notebook, mug, candle or other merchandise options. These work great for client gifts or items for conference goodie bags.

8. Podcast cover image – If you run a podcast, you’ll need a beautiful image for not only your podcast cover but also fresh images for each episode. You have so many choices to choose from in our shop. >link to financial stock website<

7. Email marketing – Newsletters (or eDMs) are more reader friendly when the text is broken up with visual imagery. Financial stock images allow your visuals to complement the message you are delivering to your subscribers.

6. Masterclass/training, Memberships – Similar to email marketing, when you’re hosting masterclasses, online training or running memberships you want your visuals to remain consistent and relevant. You can achieve this by arming yourself with copious amounts of stock images which will become your visual tools to portray your message.

5. PDF’s – Creating a lead magnet or maybe a pricing guide? Perhaps a proposal, a download or anything else that you plan to save as a pdf? Similar to email marketing, visuals play a strong role in creating engaging content and presenting a document that looks professional.

4. Ads – Advertising comes in many forms however there’s no arguing the majority of advertising formats are visual. Financial stock images make perfect backdrops for ads as they provide visual cues and seamlessly tie in with your brand and the industry you work in.

3. Blogs – The blog section of a website is a place many browsers head to. You want to make each blog visually engaging complete with fresh images each time. This is achievable with financial stock images that visually represent relatable money topics and themes.

2. Websites – Websites and financial stock photos are a match made in heaven. Whether it’s your website’s home page, a sales page or even the contact page, websites need a balance of visuals and text.

Pro Tip: When choosing a hero image for a website page select the print quality option on our website.

1. Social media posts and Facebook groups – Social media platforms can be likened to hungry monsters that need continuous fresh food. Financial stock eliminates the need for you to create content around the clock…. Instead, you can make content when it fits with your schedule and complement it with a mix of stock images too. Social media is the #1 digital space where fresh content is essential and financial stock images are a HUGE way to strengthen your content and also make social media a whole lot less stressful.

There really are many ways to use financial stock. Once you begin using stock images, you’ll likely find you want to update every touch point in your business.

We’re always working to create collections of images in modern colour palettes so that you can create a memorable brand that is always visually cohesive and consistent.

Pro Tip: When using financial stock images, it’s about finding the right balance. We recommend not using the same image repeatedly over and over for months. Instead, use a range of consistent visual imagery to attract your ideal client to ensure your members or naturally visual thinkers don’t tune out by assuming they’ve seen something before. 

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