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Frequently Asked Questions


There are two licence options (standard and commercial). For full details read the licence outlines on our licencing page

Every image downloaded from the Financial Stock Images website automatically comes with a license. This license determines how an image can be used.

Commercial licenses and Standard licenses allow for different uses. Here’s what they permit.

Commercial License

A commercial license gives you permission to use an image for:

  • A client
  • Printing more than 1000 copies
  • A template you wish to sell

If you work on large projects for print or web, a commercial license is sufficient in most scenarios. Under a commercial license you’re able to use images beyond what a standard license covers. Commercial licenses lift restrictions on the budget or number of print reproductions. Some additional uses permitted with a commercial license include:

  • Merchandise for promotional or retail use
  • Use within templates
  • Decoration in a business or commercial space

Standard License

All Financial Stock Images whether for individual use or for wider groups or teams, automatically come with a standard License. The standard license provides worldwide and continued use of any images you license. Here are some examples of how standard license images can be used:

  • Web and app advertising
  • E-publications and email marketing
  • Use in social media and on video sharing services
  • Printed materials with less than 1000 total prints
  • Personal, non-commercial use (not for resale, download, distribution, or any commercial use of any kind)

You cannot share Financial Stock Images directly with others who haven’t purchased the image. The images are not for sale or re-distribution

You cannot sell any image you purchase from Financial Stock Images.

Yes you can use the images in the Canva templates. If you’re wanting to share or sell the Canva templates to others you will need a commercial licence.

The images cannot be used for resale or re-distribution.

Royalty free means you can use stock photos without worrying about legal implications. Every stock image has a standard license and is royalty-free meaning you have the freedom to use stock images confidently across multiple platforms.

Yes you can purchase an image for clients or customers. To do this you will need to buy the commercial image which provides you with a commercial licence.


Image prices vary.

Individual stock images are as follows:

– $5 per images for social media/website

– $40 for print images 

-$50 for a commercial use license if required. 

-More details here

Image resolution is as follows:
– Social media/website on the longest side 1600px 72dpi
– Print 400px on the longest side 300dp

-Yes you can use images for printing purposes. Always purchase the ‘print’ option when you plan to use an image for printing.

Any images purchased are instantly received and accessible to you.

There is no time limit regarding usage. You can use the images for as long as you like.

Yes all model releases are on file for every image where a model is visible.

Copyright cannot be claimed on any Financial Stock Images. If you change, edit or alter an image in any way, copyright remains with the original photographer.

Financial Stock Images can be used for:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Ads
  • Pdfs
  • Promotional material
  • Training

For more inspiration and ideas on how to use Financial Stock Images check out our blog 10 ways to use financial images to be on brand

General Questions

Financial Stock Images offers royalty free financial stock images you can use within your business.

Stock photography is a ready-made photography service with wider sharing licenses that allows you to use an image despite not being the original photographer or editor. Photographers shoot, edit and place collections of images online for the wider population to purchase and use. By nature, stock images often include every day, relatable styles and props such as coffee mugs, flowers, stationery, food and digital devices like computers, tablets and phones.

  • Financial Stock Images is an Australian small family business who support women in growing their online presence through providing on brand, unique, relevant images.
  • Our images are exclusively sold through the Financial Stock Images website so you won’t find them on any other stock website.
  • You will save time finding feminine money/ finance images in the one place and it’s quick and easy as well as affordable to purchase individual images.
  • No membership – Simply buy individual images as you desire.

Using Australian stock images means your visual content will feature Australian currency and you’ll also be supporting a small Australian business.

No need to sign up. You can purchase images as a guest without signing up however, if you wish to have an account you can choose to create an account for ease of repeat purchasing.

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All payment are processed through Stripe. Payment details are not held by Financial Stock Images at any time.

There is no refund policy for the purchase of an image on the Financial Stock Images website. Once you purchase and download an image you have instant access to that image and a refund will not be issued.

We will happily answer any questions you have about Financial Stock Images. Contact us here for any questions