If you want gorgeous finance stock images that will nurture a connection in the heart of your target market – you’ll find all of that right here.

You’re a passionate expert in your chosen field as well as committed to excellence and professionalism on every front.

You’ve tried to find finance images that measure up to your modern, successful, driven business. But you’re yet to uncover anything that feels like you, your clients or what you represent.

You’ve checked out the free stock sites and settled for some average, uninspiring finance stock photos from a very small pool of choices…… it feels like a compromise and you’re not comfortable with how the underwhelming finance images impact your online presence.

Your business is like stepping into a beautiful five star hotel foyer, not a one star motel…. and you want every image to convey your five star status.

Your business deserves to be beautiful every step of the customer journey.

In the past, beautiful finance images have been seemingly non-existent, so along the way you’ve felt disheartened and misaligned with your positioning and messaging.

But enough is enough. You’re ready for fresh Australian finance stock photography that will confidently put you front and centre as you reach your goals and convert your soul clients.

Financial Stock Images offers a fresh new approach to finance imagery, so you can build an aligned business from the inside out.

I curate collections of Australian financial stock photography by styling images specifically for women founders within the finance industry. With a modern, fresh aesthetic, every finance stock photo will reinforce your professionalism and pride in serving your clients.

When you begin using financial stock photography in your business, you’ll find an ease and flow in the way you show up visually, which will overflow into other areas of your business, including your relationships with your clients.

Want to see the images you could be using in your business?

Hello, I’m Sarah. Photographer, stock photographer and stunning photo curator…..essentially whatever work I’m doing, it always involves clicking a camera.

I support women in finance create their one-of-a-kind, beautiful and professional social media feeds, websites (and so much more) by shooting and editing professional finance stock photos.

I love nothing more than to use beautiful props along with Australian currency to create images that complement your communication, the way you educate your followers and engage with your target audience.

I have over a decade’s experience in photography which all started with a long term, successful wedding photography business.

Today I run a brand and product photography business as well as Eliza Stocka subscription stock photography service for solopreneurs, wellness coaches and professionals…..all this in conjunction with Financial Stock Images. Safe to say my heart is with women in business and making photo content an easier box to tick.

From neutral elegant images or muted tones that’ll never go out of style, to colourful and upbeat finance stock images….. I’ve jumped inside the collective minds of women in finance to deliver beautiful finance stock images you’ll wish you had sooner.

Find your dream finance images. They’re just a click away.