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How to avoid Canva fatigue

Financial Stock Images have injected your financial stock options with something new and exciting. Discover 10 unique Canva finance templates featuring Australian financial stock images and Australian currency plus access to a ‘how to’ video showing how to edit templates to suit your branding colours and to avoid Canva fatigue.

Beautiful Australian financial stock images can feel impossible to find. Type the words ‘financial stock photos’ or ‘Australian currency photos’ into a search field and 9 out of 10 times the results are uninspiring.

The limited options are usually outdated and reminiscent of something found in the 1990s. For all the optimistic women in business who have never stopped seeking stunning visuals, we have created 10 stunning finance stock images and also 10 Canva finance templates for you.

With Canva a well-renowned and user-friendly design platform, several Canva images and templates have become so popular they’ve saturated the digital market. Many visuals have begun looking really familiar as everyone scoops up the same popular styles.

If you’ve found yourself feeling a bit of Canva fatigue and have grown tired of relying on premade templates everyone else is using, we’ve created something special to allow you to use Canva without looking the same as everyone else and how to avoid Canva fatigue.

Why use our 10 premade Canva finance templates?

Five reasons to use our free, custom-built templates, with unique Australian financial stock images.

  1. Australian-themed – The templates feature Australian financial stock images and Australian currency only.
  2. Unique imagery and templates – You’ll stand out when using templates and images different from what the masses are using.
  3. Familiar app – Designed in Canva, you don’t need to learn a new design app, simply select your preferred template and enjoy the ease of Canva without looking the same as everyone else in your industry.
  4. Time-saving – Premade templates help you publish your content more quicker. Simply edit and post.
  5. On trend- The templates have been created for you to share on-brand, modern aesthetics that fit seamlessly into your grid.

What industries will benefit from using Australian Financial Stock images?

Our 10 premade Canva finance templates make perfect social media content for:

Book Keepers


Insurance salespeople

Mortgage brokers

Financial Advisors


Female Entrepreneurs – With so many women in business running their own companies and wearing all the hats (including looking after financials) any businesswoman will find the premade templates convenient.

Say farewell to the boring, typical, and non-Australian financial templates that have been seen and used. Swap them for something refreshing, beautiful, sophisticated, and modern.

Here are your 10 premade Canva finance Templates – We’ve created 10 unique financial templates in Canva using our stunning Australian financial stock images. Grab the templates here

To keep things easy and simple we have also created a video guiding you through how to edit each template to suit your branding colours. Watch it here.

Sarah Founder of Financial Stock Images.